26 de agosto de 2010

Almorzando con Tio Rico McPato

Quien no recuerda a la hora del almuerzo la compania entrañable de 
Pato Aventuras en el Doce, si tenes mi edad años o mas años menos te criaste con los cuentos de Tio McPato. Y ahora tenemos un Uruguayo poniendo su marca en los conocidos picos de Disney.

Written by Bob Langhans, art by Jose Maria Millet Lopez, cover by 
Diego Jourdan.
Danger stalks Duckburg -- and it's eating prunes and wearing a prison
number! That's right -- the Beagle Boys are back, and there's gonna be
trouble for Scrooge, Launchpad, and the gang! Join us for the kind of
derring-do only DuckTales and BOOM Kids! can serve up!
32 pages, $2.99.

25 de agosto de 2010

Rolo es un Ape!

Renowned Artist Signs Exclusive Deal with Ape Entertainment.
Rolando “Rolo” Mallada, an award winning artist from Uruguay, has inked an exclusive contract with Ape Entertainment. Having previously worked on the publisher’s Teddy Scares line, Rolo will now tackle a number of high profile projects for the company, including the soon-to-be-released Pocket God, as well as a top secret series set to debut in 2011. “We could not be happier to have Rolo locked in as a permanent fixture over here at Ape Entertainment for the foreseeable future,” says founder and co-publisher David Hedgecock. “Everyone who sees his work is in awe of what he’s capable of, and given the books he’s set to work on, mark my words, this guy will be a household name within a year.” Proving integral in the company’s ability to acquire the Dreamworks Animation license, a line that includes comic books based on fan favorites Shrek and The Penguins of Madagascar, Rolo is fast becoming a member of the industry’s “it” talent to look out for, thanks in part to his dynamic and eclectic art, a style that has been compared to industry heavyweight Humberto Ramos. “It’s an honor to have my work perceived in such a way,” states Rolo from his studio in Uruguay. “I’m always trying to improve as an artist, and signing an exclusive contract with Ape, a company that is rising in the ranks in their own right, is a dream come true. I couldn’t be more excited to be riding their current wave of success with them.” Rolo’s first published work under the exclusive signing, Pocket God # 1, will appear digitally on iVerse later this month, and then in print (with extra, never-before-seen content) in August. For more information on Ape Entertainment, visit www.ape-entertainment.com.