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11 de agosto de 2011

Barreto: El Retro!

Monday, July 25th, 2011
By Alex Nagorski
The untold story of how Mr. Mxyzptlk used Superman’s own emotions against him is revealed in DC RETRO-ACTIVE: SUPERMAN-THE ’70s. In this all-new story by Martin Pasko, Eduardo Barreto and Christian Duce, Superman learns the hard way that without rest, even he can start to slip up. Meanwhile from the 5th dimension, Mxyzptlk works his devious magic to manipulate Superman and turn him into his own worst enemy.
DC RETRO-ACTIVE: SUPERMAN – THE ’70s also includes a classic story originally published in the ‘70s written by Cary Bates and featuring art by Curt Swan. This Wednesday, take a glimpse into Superman’s past.

25 de agosto de 2010

Rolo es un Ape!

Renowned Artist Signs Exclusive Deal with Ape Entertainment.
Rolando “Rolo” Mallada, an award winning artist from Uruguay, has inked an exclusive contract with Ape Entertainment. Having previously worked on the publisher’s Teddy Scares line, Rolo will now tackle a number of high profile projects for the company, including the soon-to-be-released Pocket God, as well as a top secret series set to debut in 2011. “We could not be happier to have Rolo locked in as a permanent fixture over here at Ape Entertainment for the foreseeable future,” says founder and co-publisher David Hedgecock. “Everyone who sees his work is in awe of what he’s capable of, and given the books he’s set to work on, mark my words, this guy will be a household name within a year.” Proving integral in the company’s ability to acquire the Dreamworks Animation license, a line that includes comic books based on fan favorites Shrek and The Penguins of Madagascar, Rolo is fast becoming a member of the industry’s “it” talent to look out for, thanks in part to his dynamic and eclectic art, a style that has been compared to industry heavyweight Humberto Ramos. “It’s an honor to have my work perceived in such a way,” states Rolo from his studio in Uruguay. “I’m always trying to improve as an artist, and signing an exclusive contract with Ape, a company that is rising in the ranks in their own right, is a dream come true. I couldn’t be more excited to be riding their current wave of success with them.” Rolo’s first published work under the exclusive signing, Pocket God # 1, will appear digitally on iVerse later this month, and then in print (with extra, never-before-seen content) in August. For more information on Ape Entertainment, visit

19 de febrero de 2009

Astroboy Oriental

Diego Jourdan , dibujante uruguayo radicado en Santiago de Chile, será el encargado de darle vida al legendario androide japonés (algo así como un Pinocho en versión manga) creación original de Osamu Tezuka- llamado ‘El Dios del Manga’- a mediados de los 60, donde se analizaban los problemas de la robótica (Tezuka llegó a concretar una serie de leyes sobre el tema, hermanadas con las 3 leyes de Isaac Asimov). El personaje tuvo su pasaje por las historietas, así como por una larga serie de anime (es considerada la primera del género, con capítulos de 20 minutos de duración en blanco y negro) que supo verse eventualmente en pantallas uruguayas y es motivo ahora de una adaptación cinematográfica que contará con las voces de Nicolas Cage y Freddie Highmore. La editorial estadounidense IDW prepara para su estreno una historia en 4 capítulos del personaje a cargo de Scout Tipton en los guiones y nuestro compatriota en los lápices, que comenzará a editarse en el mes de mayo y que estaría ambientada en sucesos posteriores a los narrados en el film.
La película, si supera una serie de problemas económicos que la acomplejan (la crisis no le es ajena a Astroboy), verá la luz en primavera próxima.

10 de febrero de 2009

Jorge Lucas

He first came to prominence in Argentina with his work on El Cazador de Aventuras, the highest-selling comic book in that country for several years. The series starred a character similar to DC Comics' Lobo and featured artwork heavily influenced by Simon Bisley's art style. On the title Lucas worked with Ariel Olivetti, Mauro Cascioli and Claudio Ramirez.

In the United States he is best known for his work for Marvel Comics on titles such as Inhumans, Mystique, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

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Richard Ortiz

Montevideo, 1975. Trabaja como ilustrador freelance desde 2004, haciendo storyboards, diseño de personajes y comics.

+ Montevideo Ciudad Gris- 2001
+ La República:
    Tira diaria "Viviana y Yamandú"- 2002
    Suplemento Quimera- 2003
+ Grupo Belerofonte:
    Crímenes- 2005
+ Avatar Press (U.S.A.):
    Lady Death- 2004 - 2007
    Jungle Fantasy- 2007
    Pin ups y tapas para varias colecciones- 2004-2008
+ Claire de Lune (Francia):
    Le Capitaine Nemo- 2008
+ Revista Freeway (Uruguay):
    Freedonia- 2008

Richard Ortiz (Le Capiaine Nemo, BD)

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is a former comic book artist and current freelance film concept and storyboard artist born in Uruguay. He broke into the comic book industry in 1990, penciling and inking the Cyberad series for Continuity Comics. In 1992, he began freelancing for Marvel Comics on various X-Men titles, then moving in 1994 to WildStorm Comics, where he worked on a wide variety of titles, including the Brass Mini-series.
In 1997, he did background and character design work for the first season of the animated Spawn HBO series. A year later Bennett signed up to the full time program at the Art Center College of Design in Padadena. This was between 1998 to 2003, graduating with a BFA in Illustration.
He continued his work in comics, video games, and films until 2000. Other projects included keyframe sketches for the 2002 HBO movie Live from Baghdad and worked on designs for the character of "Happy" for the 2003 independent film Northfork. He also did conceptual art for the CBS series Numb3rs produced by Ridley and Tony Scott.
Since then, Bennett has been a storyboard artist on such films as AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem, 300, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and most recently on J. J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek film.
Since 2004, he's been working quite often with director David Fincher to whom he provided work for the films Zodiac and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, as well as storyboards for Heineken, Motorola, Orville and Nike commercial spots. Collaborations include also work with actor Gary Oldman, actress Faye Dunaway, and Digital Domain director Brad Parker with whom he collaborated on many tv spots. He's currently woking on the upcoming "Tr2n" film.

Eduardo Barreto

Barreto's art has appeared in such DC Comics series as The New Teen Titans, Atari Force, and The Shadow Strikes. He also penciled an annual issue of DC Comics Presents (Annual issue # 4 in 1985). For Claypool Comics, he has drawn Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, for Oni Press, he drew The Long Haul and for Marvel Comics, he drew Marvel Knights. On May 29, 2006 he took over the artist duties of the comic strip Judge Parker.

Eduardo Barreto: Wikipedia
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